South Lucile Street

by HillBilly Jesus

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released September 11, 2012

Earwig Studios, Seattle WA
Don Farwell - Producer



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HillBilly Jesus Seattle, Washington

A mix of blues, rock, pop, country; simply put the 'Jesus is undefineable. The best in Southern Washington Rock!
HillBilly Jesus is:
Dennis Meyer: Bass
Gregg Sattler: Percussion
Robert Young: Guitar, Vocals

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Track Name: The Flow
Its got me fighting for air you know I know its not fair
I think its wrong, wrong, wrong
Like a disease thats got me down on my knees
it lasts so long, long, long
just a squeezing so tight you know i wont make it through the night
but its not the end of this song, song, song song...
You know i'd like to fly, but my wings wont take me that high
and you know i want to go, i want to go
but I never ever seem to find, find , that road
i never seem to find that road
It happens all the time I just can't make up my mind
nothings ever right, right, right
just stuck in this chair nowhere to run but scared, and you know
I just might, might, might
just broke and needing some cash, but I can't get off of my ass
and no words to write, write, write, right...
You know it hurts to try, they all look down on you
then your asking why, but If you don't go against the Flow
go against the flow, yeah, you might never, you will never know
if you don't go against the flow
you will never, you will never know
Track Name: Sunset Reckoning
i was caught up in the glow of a sunset reckoning, precious little light say it will be alright
you hurt to feel it cause you've just been shown agian, how it feels to be let down, to be let down, so now you know
so now you know
So you place your bets on, a bull shit attitude, in the line of sight say, say it will be alright but you covered it up with a false sense of grattitude cause you've been living in the lost and found, you were lost now your found..
how did you know..
that it would be okay, it would be okay just this once, just one time
you don't have to be afraid, don't be afraid for me, not this time
you know things are bound to change, they're going to change, so don't you, not this time
please don't look away dont turn away from me, not this time
You never will erase all that you've taken, irreplaceable miles fade, say it will be alright, your course unrestrained now that your wakeing, no one to blame, how you feel it now, how you feel it now, you better find your way
find your way home, you better find your way, find your way home